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You Can Trust God’s Word

1. The first temptation was to doubt God’s Word



2. God stands behind His Word

  • He watches over His word to perform it – Jer.1:12
  • God will not lie nor alter His word – Num.23:19, Ps.89:34, Josh.21:45
  • God’s promises are forever – Ps.119:89, Is.40:8, Mt.24:35
  • God’s word will run swiftly and not return void – Ps.147:15, Is.55:10-11
  • Because God is the all powerful creator He can preserve His word – Jer.32:17, Rev.4:11


3. Those who heed God’s Word will be saved

  • The Egyptians and Israelites who believed God’s word were saved – Ex.9:13-26, 12:12-13, 21-23
  • Those who believe God’s only way of salvation will be saved – Jn.14:6, Acts 4:12, Jn.3:16-18

Reasons I believe the Bible to be the Word of God

1. Its wonderful unity: Over 40 authors wrote 66 books in different lands over a period of 1,800 years. Many never saw the writings of the others and yet there is no contradiction between any two of them.

2. Its influence in the world: It has blessed millions in every generation, made the highest civilizations, and given man the highest hope and destiny.

3. Its preservation through the ages: Whole kingdoms and religions have sought in vain to destroy it. It is still victor and indestructible.

4. Fulfilled prophecy: About 3,300 verses of prophecy have been fulfilled. Predictions made hundreds and even thousands of years before there fulfillment. Not one detail has failed yet. About 2,908 verses are being fulfilled or will yet be fulfilled.

5. Miracles: Hundreds are recorded in scripture and many happen daily among those who pray and claim Bible promises.

6. Its doctrines and moral perfection: They surpass all human principles in relationship, morality, religion, culture, etc.  Man could not have written it if he would, and would not if he could. It condemns all sin and records the sins and faults of its writers as well as others, this evil mankind would not do unless inspired and led by the Holy Spirit (2Pet.1:20-21, 2Tim.3:16-17)

7. Claims of the Bible itself: Over 3,800 times bible writers claim God spoke what they wrote. The Bible itself claims to be the Word of God. 

8. Its perfection: It is scientifically and historically accurate. No one man has ever found the Bible at fault in any of its many hundreds of statements on archeology, history, astronomy, botany, geology, or any other branch of learning.